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Volume LXXXI, 2015
May, Number 2

Married in Slavery Time: Jumping the Broom in Atlantic Perspective
By Tyler D. Parry

Equality as Unintended Consequence: The Contracts Clause and the Married Women's Property Acts
By Woody Holton

Southern History in Periodicals, 2014: A Selected Bibliography

Annual Report of the Secretary-Treasurer
By Stephen Berry

Slavery and Capitalism: A Review Essay
By Matthew Pratt Guterl

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Upcoming Issue
Volume LXXXI, 2015
August, Number 3

Southern Baptists and Southern Men: Evangelical Perceptions of Manhood in Nineteenth-Century Georgia
By David T. Moon Jr.

Sharecroppers and Campesinos: The American South, Mexico, and the Transnational Politics of Land Reform in the Radical 1930s
By Tore C. Olsson

Fighting the Cold War at Southern Methodist University
By Adrienne Caughfield

Black Is Beautiful: An American History
By Stephanie M. H. Camp

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