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Volume LXXXIII, 2017
August, Number 3

The Mafia, La Raza, and the Spanish-Language Press Coverage of the 1891 Lynchings in New Orleans
By Sarah Fouts

Race and Class Friction in North Carolina Neighborhoods: How Campaigns for Residential Segregation Law Divided Middling and Elite Whites in Winston-Salem and North Carolina's Countryside, 1912–1915
By Elizabeth A. Herbin-Triant

Warriors for Lower Prices: The New Orleans Housewives' League and the Consumer Cooperative Movement, 1913–1921
By Anne M. Gessler

Luke Lea, the Legionnaires, and the Legacy of Two Wars: The Politics of Memory in the Mind of a Nashville Progressive, 1915–1945
By Robert Hunt

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Volume LXXXIII, 2017
November, Number 4

Elusive Justice in Baltimore: The Conviction of a White Policeman for Killing a Black Man in 1875
By Gordon H. Shufelt

Defending Black Suffrage: Poll Taxes, Preachers, and Anti-Prohibition in Texas, 1887–1916
By Brendan J. Payne

Oil on the Farm: The East Texas Oil Boom and the Origins of an Energy Economy
By Wallace Scot McFarlane

When Kia Came to Georgia: Southern Transplants and the Growth of America's "Other" Automakers
By Timothy J. Minchin

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