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Volume LXXX, 2014
November, Number 4

Interracialism and Revolution on the Southern Frontier: Pensacola in the Civil War
By Matthew J. Clavin

Black Women's Politics, Narratives of Sexual Immorality, and Pension Bureaucracy in Mary Lee's North Carolina Neighborhood
By Brandi C. Brimmer

A Voluntary War: The Spanish-American War, White Southern Manhood, and the Struggle to Recruit Volunteers in the South
By David C. Turpie

Hurricane Betsy and the Politics of Disaster in New Orleans's Lower Ninth Ward, 1965–1967
By Andy Horowitz

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Upcoming Issue
Volume LXXXI, 2015
February, Number 1

Reexamining Southern Emancipation in Comparative Perspective
By Peter Kolchin

Gendered Mobility and the Geography of Respectability in Charleston and New Orleans, 1790–1861
By Marise Bachand

Planners, Planters, and Slaves: Producing the State in Early National South Carolina
By Ryan A. Quintana

Cold War Conquistadors: The St. Augustine Quadricentennial, Pan-Americanism, and the Civil Rights Movement in the Ancient City
By Reiko Hillyer

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