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Volume LXXXIII, 2017
February, Number 1 

The Southern Social Network
By Catherine Clinton

Mothers' Milk: Slavery, Wet-Nursing, and Black and White Women in the Antebellum South
By Emily West with R. J. Knight

The Irony of Confederate Diplomacy: Visions of Empire, the Monroe Doctrine, and the Quest for Nationhood
By Robert E. May

Mothers Against Jesse in Congress: Grassroots Maternalism and the Cultural Politics of the AIDS Crisis in North Carolina
By Robert Hunt Ferguson

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Volume LXXXIII, 2017
May, Number 2

Reframing the Fathers' Constitution: The Centralized State and Centrality of Slavery in the Confederate Constitutional Order
By Aaron R. Hall

Remembering Robert Charles: Violence and Memory in Jim Crow New Orleans
By K. Stephen Prince

Southern History in Periodicals, 2016: A Selected Bibliography

Annual Report of the Secretary-Treasurer
By Stephen Berry

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