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Volume LXXXI, 2015
November, Number 4

Creeks, Federalists, and the Idea of Coexistence in the Early Republic
By Kevin Kokomoor

A Black Woman "in Orthority": Claiming Professional Status in Jim Crow Alabama
By Mary S. Hoffschwelle

The Dilemma over Moderates: School Desegregation in Alamance County, North Carolina
By Jim Bissett

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Volume LXXXII, 2016
February, Number 1

Dysplacement and Southern History
By Barbara J. Fields

Indian Country to Slave Country: The Transformation of Natchez during the American Revolution
By Brandon Layton

Region, Religion, and Competing Visions of Mountain Mission Education in the Ozarks
By Brooks Blevins

Consolidating Support for a Law "Incapable of Enforcement": Segregation on Tennessee Streetcars, 1900–1930
By Jason L. Bates

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