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Volume LXXIII, 2007

FEBRUARY, Number 1 

African American Farmers and Civil Rights
By Pete Daniel

Networks of Military Educators: Middle-Class Stability and Professionalization in the Late Antebellum South
By Jennifer R. Green

"No Jap Crow": Japanese Americans Encounter the World War II South 
By Jason Morgan Ward

The Not So Silent Minority: Louisville's Antiwar Movement, 1966-1975 
By John Ernst and Yvonne Baldwin

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MAY, Number 2

Conquered Enemies, Adopted Kin, and Owned People: The Creek Indians and Their Captives
By Christina Snyder

Select Men of Sober and Industrious Habits: Alcohol Reform and Social Conflict in Antebellum Appalachia
By Bruce E. Stewart

The Civilizing Mission of Booker T. Washington
By David Sehat

Southern History in Periodicals, 2006: A Selected Bibliography

Annual Report of the Secretary-Treasurer
By John C. Inscoe

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AUGUST, Number 3

Forum: Redefining and Reassessing the Colonial South

Early Modern Southeastern North America and the Broader Atlantic and American Worlds
By Jack P. Greene

Learning to Live with Nature: Colonial Historians and the Southern Environment
By Timothy Silver

How Do You Get from Jamestown to Santa Fe? A Colonial Sun Belt
By Juliana Barr

Colonial Southeastern Indian History
By April Lee Hatfield

Race Matters in the Colonial South
By Jennifer M. Spear

Esse Est Percipi: The Strange Case of Early American Economic History
By Peter A. Coclanis

Law in the Colonial South
By Warren M. Billings

Globalization, Creolization, and the Not-So-Peculiar Institution
By James Sidbury

Religion and the Early South in an Age of Atlantic Empire
By Jon F. Sensbach

Women, Gender, Families, and Households in the Southern Colonies
By Cynthia A. Kierner

Some Reflections on the South in the American Revolution
By Don Higginbotham

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NOVEMBER, Number 4

The Southern Ties of Helen Keller
By Kim E. Nielsen

Lewis Sperry Chafer and the Roots of Nondenominational Fundamentalism in the South
By B. Dwain Waldrep

World War II Manufacturing and the Postwar Southern Economy
By Robert Lewis

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