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Volume LXXIV, 2008

FEBRUARY, Number 1

Was Marie White? The Trajectory of a Question in the United States
By Nell Irvin Painter

New World, Real World: Improvising English Culture in Seventeenth-Century Virginia
By Cary Carson, Joanne Bowen, Willie Graham, Martha McCartney, and Lorena Walsh

Reconsidering Suffrage Reform in the 1829-1830 Virginia Constitutional Convention
By Christopher M. Curtis

Democracy and Its Consequences in Antebellum America: A Review Essay
By Lacy K. Ford

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MAY, Number 2

Building a Populist Coalition in Texas, 1892-1896
By Worth Robert Miller and Stacy G. Ulbig

Murder, North and South: Violence in Early-Twentieth-Century Chicago and New Orleans
By Jeffrey S. Adler

Between Memory and History: Autobiographies of the Civil Rights Movement and the Writing of Civil Rights History
By Kathryn L. Nasstrom

Southern History in Periodicals, 2007: A Selected Bibliography

Annual Report of the Secretary-Treasurer
By John C. Inscoe

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AUGUST, Number 3 

Conflict and the "Slave Community": Violence among Slaves in Upcountry South Carolina
By Jeff Forret

National Policing, Lynching, and Constitutional Change
By Christopher Waldrep

Black Working-Class Political Activism and Biracial Unionism: Galveston Longshoremen in Jim Crow Texas, 1919-1921
By Gregg Andrews

Making Best Use of the New Laws: The NAACP and the Fight for Civil Rights in the South, 1965-1975
By Timothy J. Minchin

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NOVEMBER, Number 4

Thomas Jefferson, Coercion, and the Limits of Harmonious Union
By Brian Steele

Southern Academic Ambitions Meet German Scholarship: The Leipzig Networks of Vanderbilt University's James H. Kirkland in the Late Nineteenth Century
By Anja Becker

Jesse Helms's Politics of Pious Incitement: Race, Conservatism, and Southern Realignment in the 1950s
By Bryan Hardin Thrift

The Whig Interpretation of History: A Review Essay
By Richard Carwardine

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