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Volume LXXV, 2009

FEBRUARY, Number 1

"Fight the Power!" The Legacy of the Civil Rights Movement
By Leon F. Litwack

Bosses and Broomsticks: Ritual and Authority in Antebellum Slave Weddings
By Patrick W. O'Neil

Indebtedness and the Origins of Guerrilla Violence in Civil War Missouri
By Mark W. Geiger

"Lily White and Hard Right": The Mississippi Republican Party and Black Voting, 1965-1980
By Chris Danielson

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MAY, Number 2

Independence Day Dilemmas in the American South, 1848-1865
By Paul Quigley

University Men, Social Science, and White Supremacy in North Carolina
By Gregory P. Downs

The 1966 Election in Georgia and the Ambiguity of the White Backlash
By Tim Boyd

Southern History in Periodicals, 2008: A Selected Bibliography

Annual Report of the Secretary-Treasurer
By John C. Inscoe

An Extraordinary Family and the Burdens of Slavery: A Review Essay
By Joshua D. Rothman

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AUGUST, Number 3 

Forum: Commemorating Seventy-Five Years of the Journal of Southern History

Southern History as U.S. History
By Laura F. Edwards

The South and the World
By Peter Kolchin

A More Southern Environmental History
By Christopher Morris

Rethinking the "Unthinking Decision": Old Questions and New Problems in the History of Slavery and Race in the Colonial South
By Rebecca Anne Goetz

Labor and the Idea of Race in the American South
By Jacqueline Jones

The Second Slavery: Modernity in the Nineteenth-Century South and the Atlantic World
By Anthony E. Kaye

The Southern Middle Class
By Jonathan Daniel Wells

Manning the Region: New Approaches to Gender in the South
By Angela M. Hornsby-Gutting

The South and Mass Culture
By Karen L. Cox

The Bulldozer Revolution: Suburbs and Southern History since World War II
By Matthew D. Lassiter and Kevin M. Kruse

Rethinking the Black Power Era
By Peniel E. Joseph

Why Is There So Much Sex in Christian Conservatism and Why Do So Few Historians Care Anything about It?
By Bethany Moreton

New People of the Newest South: Prospects for the Post-1980 Immigrants
By Leon Fink

Contentious and Collected: Memory's Future in Southern History
By W. Fitzhugh Brundage

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NOVEMBER, Number 4 

Slavery, Slaves, and Cash in a Georgia Village, 1825-1865
By David E. Paterson

"A Chicken-Stealer Shall Lose His Vote": Disfranchisement for Larceny in the South, 1874-1890
By Pippa Holloway

Weak State, Stronger Schools: Northern Philanthropy and Organizational Change in the Jim Crow South
By Joan Malczewski

Historians and the Many Lyndon Johnsons: A Review Essay
By Kent B. Germany

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