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Volume LXXVI, 2010

FEBRUARY, Number 1

ANCESTRYdotBOMB: Genealogy, Genomics, Mischief, Mystery, and Southern Family Stories
By Jack Temple Kirby

The Effect of the Civil War on Southern Marriage Patterns
By J. David Hacker, Libra Hilde, and James Holland Jones

Ties That Bind, Bonds That Break: Children in the Reorganization of Households in Postemancipation Virginia
By Catherine Jones

Democracy, Despotism, and Disunion: A Review Essay
By Lacy K. Ford

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MAY, Number 2 

Mary Bayard Clarke's Plain-Folk Humor: Writing Women into the Literature and Politics of Reconstruction
By Jane Turner Censer

From Light Copper to the Blackest and Lowest Type: Daniel Tompkins and the Racial Order of the Global New South
By Erin Elizabeth Clune

"Admit Guilt--And Tell the Truth": The Louisville Fellowship of Reconciliation's Struggle with Pacifism and Racial Justice, 1941-1945
By Rhonda Mawhood Lee

Southern History in Periodicals, 2009: A Selected Bibliography

Annual Report of the Secretary-Treasurer
By John C. Inscoe

Abraham Lincoln and the Nation's Greatest Quarrel: A Review Essay
By Nicole Etcheson

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AUGUST, Number 3 

Opposition to Polygamy in the Postbellum South
By Patrick Q. Mason

What Gullies Mean: Georgia's "Little Grand Canyon" and Southern Environmental History
By Paul S. Sutter

Wednesdays in Mississippi: Uniting Women across Regional and Racial Lines, Summer 1964
By Debbie Z. Harwell

The Southern Historical Association: Seventy-Five Years of History "in the South" and "of the South"
By Bethany L. Johnson

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NOVEMBER, Number 4 

Slavery's Invisible Engine: Mortgaging Human Property
By Bonnie Martin

"The Worst Kind of Slavery": Slave-Owning Presbyterian Churches in Prince Edward County, Virginia
By Jennifer Oast

To See Who Was Best on the Plantation: Enslaved Fighting Contests and Masculinity in the Antebellum Plantation South
By Sergio Lussana

An Unmistakably Working-Class Vision: Birmingham's Foot Soldiers and Their Civil Rights Movement
By Max Krochmal

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