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November 2017 Book Reviews

Gallivan, The Powhatan Landscape: An Archaeological History of the Algonquian Chesapeake, by Keith D. Pluymers 

Zierden and Reitz, Charleston: An Archaeology of Life in a Coastal Community, by Alison Bell

Greenwald, Marc-Antoine Caillot and the Company of the Indies in Louisiana: Trade in the French Atlantic World, by M. Scott Heerman

Oast, Institutional Slavery: Slaveholding Churches, Schools, Colleges, and Businesses in Virginia, 1680–1860, by Sara Hyde

Spero, Frontier Country: The Politics of War in Early Pennsylvania, by James D. Rice

de la Teja, Faces of Béxar: Early San Antonio and Texas, by Linda Noel

Silverman, Thundersticks: Firearms and the Violent Transformation of Native America, by Wayne E. Lee

Ferraro, ed., The Papers of George Washington: Revolutionary War Series. Volume 23: 22 October–31 December 1779; and Huggins, ed., The Papers of George Washington: Revolutionary War Series. Volume 24: 1 January–9 March 1780, by Sean Halverson

Ferreiro, Brothers at Arms: American Independence and the Men of France and Spain Who Saved It, by Hyun Wu Lee

Brannon, From Revolution to Reunion: The Reintegration of the South Carolina Loyalists, by Tao Wei

Glover, The Fate of the Revolution: Virginians Debate the Constitution, by Patrick Bottiger

Johnson, Slavery’s Metropolis: Unfree Labor in New Orleans During the Age of Revolutions, by John Garrison Marks

Gabrial, The Press and Slavery in America, 1791–1859: The Melancholy Effect of Popular Excitement, by Nancy McKenzie Dupont

Brandt, First in the Homes of His Countrymen: George Washington’s Mount Vernon in the American Imagination, by Sarah Anne Carter

Abram, Forging a Cherokee-American Alliance in the Creek War: From Creation to Betrayal, by Tim Alan Garrison

Cousins, Horace Holley: Transylvania University and the Making of Liberal Education in the Early American Republic, by Timothy J. Williams

Gutzman, Thomas Jefferson, Revolutionary: A Radical’s Struggle to Remake America, by Robert M. Owens

Gordon-Reed and Onuf, “Most Blessed of the Patriarchs”: Thomas Jefferson and the Empire of the Imagination, by Tara Strauch

Jonas, A Cloud of Witnesses from the Heart of the City: First Presbyterian Church, Raleigh, 1816–2016, by Robert Weldon Whalen

Belko, Philip Pendleton Barbour in Jacksonian America: An Old Republican in King Andrew’s Court, by Terri D. Halperin

Feller, Coens, and Moss, eds., The Papers of Andrew Jackson. Volume 10: 1832, by Kenneth R. Stevens

Brophy, University, Court, and Slave: Pro-Slavery Thought in Southern Colleges and Courts and the Coming of Civil War, by Michael David Cohen

Ross, ed., United States District Courts and Judges of Arkansas, 1836–1960; and Looney, Distinguishing the Righteous from the Roguish: The Arkansas Supreme Court, 1836–1874, by Paul M. Pruitt Jr.

Winn, ed., Missouri Law and the American Conscience: Historical Rights and Wrongs, by F. Thornton Miller

Schmidt, Village Atheists: How America’s Unbelievers Made Their Way in a Godly Nation, by Malcolm D. Magee

Black, John Pendleton Kennedy: Early American Novelist, Whig Statesman, and Ardent Nationalist, by John F. Kvach

Pryor, Colored Travelers: Mobility and the Fight for Citizenship before the Civil War, by Mark A. Okuhata

Grinspan, The Virgin Vote: How Young Americans Made Democracy Social, Politics Personal, and Voting Popular in the Nineteenth Century, by A. Kristen Foster

Morgan, Known for My Work: African American Ethics from Slavery to Freedom, by Selena R. Sanderfer

Mason, Apostle of Union: A Political Biography of Edward Everett, by Jared Peatman

Huebner, Liberty and Union: The Civil War Era and American Constitutionalism, by Anthony J. Gaughan

Engle, Gathering to Save a Nation: Lincoln and the Union’s War Governors, by Kimberly N. Kutz

Peterson, Confederate Cabinet Departments and Secretaries, by Geoffrey Cunningham

Coddington, Faces of the Civil War Navies: An Album of Union and Confederate Sailors, by Anna Gibson Holloway

Smith, Grant Invades Tennessee: The 1862 Battles for Forts Henry and Donelson, by J. Michael Crane

Phillips, The Rivers Ran Backward: The Civil War and the Remaking of the American Middle Border, by Michael E. Woods

Penn, Kentucky Rebel Town: The Civil War Battles of Cynthiana and Harrison County, by Mark A. Furnish

Clampitt, Occupied Vicksburg, by Brian S. Wills

Beilein, Bushwhackers: Guerrilla Warfare, Manhood, and the Household in Civil War Missouri, by Thomas J. Balcerski

Mezurek, For Their Own Cause: The 27th United States Colored Troops, by Miller W. Boyd III

Lee, Wolford’s Cavalry: The Colonel, the War in the West, and the Emancipation Question in Kentucky, by Andrew S. Bledsoe

Robertson, The Red River Campaign and Its Toll: 69 Bloody Days in Louisiana, March–May 1864, by Steven D. Fratt

Ecelbarger, Slaughter at the Chapel: The Battle of Ezra Church, 1864, by Matthew A. Byron

Clinton, Stepdaughters of History: Southern Women and the American Civil War, by Angela Esco Elder

McElya, The Politics of Mourning: Death and Honor in Arlington National Cemetery, by Lee Virginia Chambers

McDonough, William Tecumseh Sherman: In the Service of My Country: A Life, by Jeremy B. Taylor

Thomas, The Literature of Reconstruction: Not in Plain Black and White, by Amanda Brickell Bellows

Hulbert, The Ghosts of Guerrilla Memory: How Civil War Bushwhackers Became Gunslingers in the American West, by Brent M. S. Campney

Green, Educational Reconstruction: African American Schools in the Urban South, 1865–1890, by Rebecca Montgomery

Tarter, A Saga of the New South: Race, Law, and Public Debt in Virginia, by T. Adams Upchurch

Hill, Beyond the Rope: The Impact of Lynching on Black Culture and Memory, by Patricia Boyett

Rienstra and Stiles, The Long Shadow: The Lutcher-Stark Lumber Dynasty, by Whitney A. Snow

Holloway, Living in Infamy: Felon Disfranchisement and the History of American Citizenship, by Paula C. Johnson

Berard, Water Tossing Boulders: How a Family of Chinese Immigrants Led the First Fight to Desegregate Schools in the Jim Crow South, by Andrew Joseph Pegoda

Cohen, Depression Folk: Grassroots Music and Left-Wing Politics in 1930s America, by Mark Allan Jackson

Williams, The Red River Bridge War: A Texas-Oklahoma Border Battle, by Aaron Bachhofer

Bégin, Taste of the Nation: The New Deal Search for America’s Food, by Holly Allen

Walker-McWilliams, Reverend Addie Wyatt: Faith and the Fight for Labor, Gender, and Racial Equality, by Sharlene Sinegal-DeCuir

Bush, Circuit Riders for Mental Health: The Hogg Foundation in Twentieth-Century Texas, by Steven Noll

Farrington, Black Republicans and the Transformation of the GOP, by Erica L. Metcalfe

Birzer, Russell Kirk: American Conservative, by David S. Brown

Cline, From Reconciliation to Revolution: The Student Interracial Ministry, Liberal Christianity, and the Civil Rights Movement, by Carolyn R. Dupont

O’Toole, Fight for Old DC: George Preston Marshall, the Integration of the Washington Redskins, and the Rise of a New NFL; and Chansky, Game Changers: Dean Smith, Charlie Scott, and the Era That Transformed a Southern College Town, by Eric Allen Hall

Peterson, Full Court Press: Mississippi State University, the Press, and the Battle to Integrate College Basketball, by Josh Howard

Hale, The Freedom Schools: Student Activists in the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement, by Dwana Waugh

Walker and Roberts, The Road to Madness: How the 1973–1974 Season Transformed College Basketball, by Jason A. Peterson

 Flynt, Southern Religion and Christian Diversity in the Twentieth Century, by Regina D. Sullivan

Adams, Comfort and Glory: Two Centuries of American Quilts from the Briscoe Center, by Laurel McKay Horton

Romine and Greeson, eds., Keywords for Southern Studies, by Sarah E. Gardner

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